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Introduction Team

Hello everyone, I'm John, manager and editor of GNHUSTGames, we have 2 official websites: gnhustgames.github.io and gnhustgames.org. Like you, I am also a lover of unblocked games, I will try to continuously update and add games every day so don't forget to come and play. Lately I've been really enjoying playing Blockpost and 1v1LOL and I wonder if you guys like it the same as me. There is one more person in my group, Nana, she is responsible for testing the game and evaluating the game rating and rating according to the number of stars you see next to the game name (personal opinion, haha). Don't forget to interact with us via social networking platforms in the contact section. Wishing you always healthy and happy when playing our games! Bye bye ! GNHUSTGames !